Our Mission

We back founders toBuild a Web3 Future

Hivemind is a multi-stage crypto native investment platform dedicated to trailblazing Web3 projects.

Founded in 2021, Hivemind Capital is a multi-strategy crypto-focused investment firm tailor-made for supporting blockchain technologies, crypto companies, and the digital asset ecosystem.
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Our Vision

We are in the early innings of aProtocol-Based Economy

The next paradigm is here. Welcome to the world where programmable money meets open internet.
As the world fast evolves from a platform- based economy to a protocol-based economy, the blockchain technology is catalyzing the most transformative infrastructural revolution since the internet.

Our Thesis

We are on a mission toBring Institutions to Digital Assets

By crafting crypto into an institutional- grade asset class accessible by everyone.
Hivemind brings category-defining financial infrastructure and institutional best practices to web3 investing, bridging the chasm between the traditional asset management model and the rocketing crypto economy.
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Our Approach

How We Invest

Thesis Driven

We scout trendsetting projects based on evolving frontier theses from the collective intelligence of industry experts and community

Technology Focused

We back groundbreaking ideas built upon advanced cryptography and innovation in blockchain technology

Solution Capital

We support our founders in scaling their projects by providing solution capital and helping them formulate and foster strategic partnerships

Our Offering

We aspire to beMore Than a VC Fund

Venture Equity
We offer a full suite of digital asset products to meet institutional investors’ multi-faceted needs while offering entrepreneurs start-to-finish solution capital.

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