Announcing Our New Headquarters in Manhattan, NYC

Announcing Our New Headquarters in Manhattan, NYC

Today, Hivemind is excited to announce the opening of our headquarters office here in Manhattan’s Flatiron District.

Launched in 2021, Hivemind has been operating as a remote-first, distributed organization since inception - and in many ways, our successes over the first year of operations (a time characterized by extreme volatility in the web3 space and the simultaneous need to steward large amounts of capital) validate the premise of the remote model. I could not be more proud of the Hivemind team for how focused, precise, and productive they have been with minimal in-person interaction. As strong advocates of the crypto economy and the benefits of decentralization, unsurprisingly, this self-selecting group of individuals has thrived while operating remotely and independently.

That said, Hivemind was always intended to have a hybrid workplace model, seeking the best of both worlds in terms of remote and in-person work. As an organization, we are eager to balance the flexibility, focus, and time-saving benefits of remote work with the increased collaboration, better communication, and more enjoyable working environment that an office location can bring (we had in fact already managed to bring our London and Boston colleagues back part time into respective offices!)

For our headquarters, the location on Park Avenue South was a long discussed and highly intentional selection that represents the combination of us building a fast-growing web3 startup that is also a professional investment fund. We trust this location will be easily accessible and enjoyable for startup founders, limited partners, and of course our employees.

And so we are thrilled to open our HQ and give our growing team the opportunity to interact with colleagues in person. We saw a glimpse of the benefits of a hybrid model during our 2022 offsites, and the magic that can be created when people are able to see each other face-to-face. We are looking forward to experiencing that on a much more frequent basis. While we all recognize the fallacy of pre-video conferencing office “face time” culture, the other reality is that it’s hard to replace the connection and energy that comes from being in the same room. In-person meetings and conversations accelerate trust, foster creative approaches to problem solving, and help motivate productivity.

As we adapt to a new space that is “professional first,” it’s also worth noting that a big plus of the HQ is the way in which it will allow us to meet comfortably, confidentially, and accessibly with clients, investors, portfolio companies and founders. These are the sessions and discussions that create, shape, and focus the work of the entire Hivemind team. Just as is the case for interactions with colleagues, these meetings also benefit from the ability to sit down face to face for a period of time to navigate particularly important or abstract issues. And there’s no question that - at least for Hivemind - the limitations of coffee shops, hotels, and temporary conference rooms as venues really inhibit our ability to work closely with external stakeholders. The new office will be a huge improvement for this side of our business model.

As this return marks a new phase of Hivemind’s lifecycle, we look forward to growing our team, and have a variety of open roles available. We are always looking for hard-working and enthusiastic individuals to join us on this journey.

If you are interested, please the links below to learn more about our open positions and how to apply.

Careers Page

Built-in Page

LinkedIn Page

With that, we wish you all the best for the year ahead and look forward to welcoming you at Hivemind HQ!