Sam Peurifoy

Sam Peurifoy

Partner, Head of Interactive

Sam Peurifoy is a Partner and the Head of Interactive at Hivemind. In this capacity, Sam leads Hivemind's gaming and metaverse investments, venture pipeline, and early-stage token deals.

In parallel with Hivemind, Sam is the CEO of Playground Labs, a sister organization that houses talented engineers to build protocols that drive the economic engine of the web3 metaverse. Sam is a founding member and participant of multiple DAOs and has a direct hand in shaping protocol design across myriad ventures.

Prior to Hivemind and Playground Labs, Sam was the Director of Finance at Floating Point Group, a full-service institutional cryptocurrency trading and custody services provider. He's held positions within Goldman Sachs' Global Investment Research division with a focus on Clean Tech and has authored dozens of works across finance and the sciences. He has additionally authored patents in both the energy and nanomaterials sectors.

Sam holds a PhD in Chemistry from Columbia University and a BS in Mathematics and Chemistry from the University of Miami.

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